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As with  all the individual disciplines that make up American Studies, there is a wealth of information available on the Internet concerning America in the 1950s, McCarthyism, Arthur Miller and The Crucible. These include lessons plans, guides to reading, as well as interviews and other valuable primary and secondary information.  Concerns that many teachers have regarding the validity of material placed on the web and also how such material should be cited, are dealt with in an article in the ‘On Line’ section of this site, by Pam Wonsek of City University New York. Using the World Wide Web for Research in American Studies    This is available on the American Studies Centres web site ARnet  at

The following web sites should provide both the teacher and student of Miller's play, and its historical/political context, with a wealth of information.

Nagasaki College of Foreign Languages  

This Japanese site is very extensive, giving links to sites not only on The Crucible but also other plays by Miller, as well as interviews with the author. It also contains excellent links to information on McCarthy and McCarthyism, including the witch hunts in Hollywood.

A brief biography of Miller, a selected reading list and links to other sites on The Crucible and its historic/political context is available at the following commercial site.  

A Teachers guide to The Crucible, and historical and literary links is available at this commercial US site.

This US based non-profit web site provides a character overview of The Crucible, as well as links to other sites, including teachers guides.

Details of a range of Millers work, including The Crucible can be found at Gonzaga University (Washington State). It also contains ‘sound files’ on The Crucible.

A selection of audio clips from the play is available on this non-profit web site. 

The University of Cincinnati reprints this web version of an issue of American Drama. This includes full text articles on the play.

California State University has a site on Millers work as a research and reference guide. Its links include one to America in the 1950s.


The University of Pennsylvania site consists of an article by Richard Bernstein on Miller and the Hollywood director Elia Kazan as well as links to other sources of information.

The same university also has an extensive section on America in the 1950s (as already noted) with masses of primary sources and information. The Crucible Project home pages. An extensive web site with information on the author, the play, as well as historical background to the trials.

For information on the Salem Witch trials try the following sites  (Salem Witch Museum)   (Commercial site with relevant background information)   (Non-profit site.)  (Includes some transcripts from cases)   (Educational information related to the trials from Peabody Essex Museum)  US university site about ‘famous trials’, with extensive information on the Salem trials.

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