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War in Iraq

a special page of comment and links on the current crisis in Iraq

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updated 12 November 2004
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The war in Iraq is occupying all our minds at the moment. News, debate and analysis cover acres of newsprint and nearly every television channel. Opinions for and against the war are deeply divided. Whatever the ethical and legal arguments for and against going to war, one thing is certain: the world will never be the same again. The institutions which have helped to mould the world since the second world war, the United Nations, NATO, the European Union, have all been subjected to enormous strains. The "special relationship" between Britain and America has been questioned and defended with equal vigour.

The war also brings into focus wider issues, such as the future political shape of the Middle East, and the way to resolve the Palestinian conflict, bring peace to Israel and justice to the Palestinian people.

We hope that the links below will help to keep you up-to-date with the news and clarify your own mind on these issues.

Independent perspectives


Moveon.Org is an independent organisation dedicated to bringing ordinary people back into politics. It claims to be a catalyst for a new kind of grassroots involvement, supporting busy but concerned citizens in finding their political voice with a nationwide network of more than 600,000 online activists.

For an alternative press view of the war, including links to many Middle eastern websites, visit

Z net is a community of people committed to social change, and also has an alternative view of the conflict, its roots and consequences.

George Monbiot is a famed independent thinker, political scientist and ecologist with his own views on the war.

The UN News Centre has news of the conflict and its humanitarian consequences.

New Yorkers march against the war. Our regular New York correspondent Lenny Quart gives his own unique perspective on the war in this exclusive article written for American Studies Today Online.

National perspectives Britain
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office gives the UK Government's view

Up-to date news and analysis from the BBC is available from the BBC news web special pages on the war.

The United States
US State Department gives the US Government's view on the war

The  CNN news channel gives the news from a fervently American Perspective


Agence France Press  is the world's oldest established news agency. Visit the English edition.

Le Figaro, the on-line edition of a right-of-centre daily newspaper (in French)

Le Monde, online - an authoritative, liberal democratic newspaper (in French)


Pravda (English edition) formerly the newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the online version of Pravda is now an independent voice looking at the world from a Russian point of view.


Ha'aretz (English edition) Israel's leading daily newspaper, Haaretz, has been publishing an English-language edition for the past five years, as a joint project with the International Herald Tribune

Gush Shalom is the voice of the Israeli peace movement, with pages in English, Hebrew and Arabic, as well as German, French and Spanish.


For an Arab perspective on the war, you might wish to visit the Al-Jazeera English-language website, based in Qatar. 


Iran Press Service (English) Iran Press Service is a fully independent and private news gathering and disseminating service.


Due to the war, links to Iraqi sites may be off line, but keep on trying. Like Al-Jazeera, they will bounce back in time.

Iraq News Agency (INA) 

Iraq Daily (English)  (Published by the Iraq Ministry of Information)

Help with further research

If you want more help in gaining information from the web about the war in Iraq, visit  the pages on Searching for Information: The War in Iraq on the website. This is a long-established and authoritative guide to all aspects of web searching.

Abyznewslinks is a comprehensive gateway to Newspapers, News Media, and News Sources 

Kidon-media offers a similar service


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